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Positive Health Effects Of Coconut Oil

Recent research keeps pointing toward the multitude of benefits that one can gain through the use of coconut oil. The oily is typically known for its properties in the beauty industry. It is known for its ability to moisturize and protect skin and hair from natural harmful elements such as sunlight and air pollution. This type of oil can be purchased not only in tropical countries but globally as well, usually in areas with a predominant Indian, Thailand, Sri Lankan or Philippine population. Something that it is not commonly known for are its elements that assist in the promotion of one’s overall health.

Heart Diseases

There is a popular misconception that the intake of this particular type of oil leads to an increase in the occurrences of heart diseases in people. Studies conducted on this however, indicate that the type of fat contained within the oil (saturated oils) is actually beneficial for your heart. It assists in the reduction of damage and injuries to arteries. It also contains approximately 50% of lauric acid which is an active ingredient in reducing high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels.


It is essential to make sure that your immunity system is as strong and healthy as it can be. Our body converts the oil into a useful substance which helps in the eradication of diseases in the body that cause conditions such as herpes, influenza and HIV. Organic coconut oil helps in fighting off harmful bacteria and assists in the strengthening of the human immune system.

Weight Loss

Though not usually considered a type of oil that assists with fat loss, it has been studied as an essential element for the increase of metabolism within a person. Therefore, along with the inclusion of organic coconut oil into your diet there is a high possibility of it assisting your process of weight loss. This is because the acids found within the oil aids the pancreas with its processes allowing for an increase in the burning of energy and therefore the body’s excess fat. Studies also indicate that people who use the oil in their daily lives showed little or no sign of being fat or obese.


This type of oil was usually used for purposes of cooking rather than flavoring in tropical countries. Before it was identified as a flavor, the oil was used in cooking due to its known benefits for the human digestive system. It eases the digestive system processes and prevents a number of stomach related problems. The oil assists absorption of minerals, vitamins and beneficial amino acids.

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