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How To Make Your Corporate Event Planning A Success

Planning an event is harsh business even when it concerns family. So when concerning your company and its events, the planning business tends to be downright headache inducing and panic triggering. You have to get everything right on time and also make sure that no one is left out or feeling unhappy about the event itself. But even a corporate event planning can be done properly if you follow the rules of keeping a checklist and making sure that you are gathering planner of the relevant people (not all the people, mind you).

The power of checklists

The basics of a survival guide for corporate event planning have to do with making checklists and actually doing these checklists. You have to have everything from a meeting organiser to picking the trash off the floor after the event on these checklists. You can make several ones if there is a team and you want everyone on the same page. And on a fun note, if you and your team would rather use the smartphone for these things, just use one of the event management apps or checklists apps and share it among everyone. So once an activity gets done, you can update the app and everyone will be notified at once.

Elements of a corporate event

Before you start any work, make sure that you understand what your supervisors want. If you are the head of the hierarchy, then you need to make a goal statement for the event and stick with it till the end. During the initial phases of working with a meeting organiser and planning the event, the goals and objectives should have already been finalised. Then you will start off with the budget planning, date finalisation, guest list filling, stakeholder liaison and negotiations for the venue. All these details need to be recorded down and shared with everyone who is a part of the planning committee, as well as with those who are stakeholders. When you are going through the elements of the event, the schedule and agenda will present itself as well.

Promoting and advertising

For a corporate event that is going public, advertising and promotions are a big haul before the event. Your event name should be on the top trending lists of social media, and a hashtag campaign on the internet should be ongoing. This will happen if you plan your devices and components of enrapturing social media correctly.

Remember to hire a photographer or a videographer who is well known to capture the essence of the event and not just the clothes of the attendees. When concerning a corporate event, the elements of the event have to be given more priority than who wore what.

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