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How To Know If Your Old Liquor Bottles Are Worth Selling Off?

See those antique-looking liquor bottles in the old cupboard gathering dust? Did you ever consider selling them off? Of course there are these liquors that have somewhat become family heirlooms because it used to belong to your dad and his dad before that and so on. But why keep them if you are not planning on using them? Many collectors are constantly on the lookout for good quality dated bottles of alcohol if you have an idea of making some money by selling those. But how do you know if they are worth any money? Take a look at a few indications that will tell you if you’re old liquor bottles are of any substantial value;

Check the Current Price of Your Stock

It will help you greatly if you check the price of your liquor brands against current market prices before you come to the stage of dealing with the buyers. That way, you will know for certain whether or not it is worth the time and trouble to try to sell these spirits. If you find that they are of considerable market value, then you can decide at which price you are willing to sell off your stock of aged liquors.

Get a Valuation form an Expert

The best option available if you are unable to make a valuation on your own is to seek the help of an expert in the field who will be able to give you a more accurate quotation of how much the liquor bottles may be worth. If you have difficulty finding such an expert, you can easily find a website who can mediate between you and the buyers after making a valuation. You have a better chance to sell vintage brandy, rum and whiskey if you post your willingness to sell online.

There are some websites through which you can successfully sell classic brandy and other liquors without the hassle of having to find your own buyers. They will also provide quotations if you make a request. These websites will find suitable buyers for you and make sure the deal goes through properly.

Let the Age and Condition Guide You

You may be no liquor expert, but simple observations and a bit of research can go a long way in helping you determine what kind of money your old stock of spirits can make for you. Check the bottles to see how aged the liquor is. The more years it has on it, the more valuable the bottle is. Also, check that the colour has not changed or become cloudy to ensure that the spirit is in good condition. Do a bit of research to find out what the consistency and colour should look like of a bottle the same age as the ones you have. Also examine the bottle to see if there are any cracks on the glass.

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