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How To Choose The Best Flowers And Gifts For Your Corporate Event

If you have been put in charge of organizing a big corporate event or gathering for your company or you are putting together an event for your own business you may need to order hire a caterer, a band and sometimes even hire a florist. You might even need to get gifts for certain people that would be attending or to give away to special employees.

However, instead of sorting this out online by simply doing a fast search and selecting the first gift and hamper florist in Malaysia that comes up, you would need to put more effort into your choice if you want good service and products. Choosing one that doesn’t provide you a proper service would not just make you seem inefficient but would reflect badly on your boss or the company. Therefore, here is how you should choose the best one:

Do some research

Firstly, you should do some research into the companies that are around the area. By getting a gift and hamper florist that is not too far, you can cut down on delivery charges. Then, once you find ones that are relatively close by, you should take a look into their websites to check out their products and any testimonials from customers that may be put on the their website.


Next, you should call them up or meet with the company to discuss your requirements and how best they can satisfy it. If they do not suit the services you require, then it is best that you don’t consider hiring them.

Decide on appropriate flowers

It is easy to get carried away when deciding on flowers due to the vast array of choices, but it is best to sit down with the florist and decide what is suitable for the event. If you are getting flowers for table centerpieces, getting big, elaborate ones would not be suitable for a small gathering. Furthermore, if is an outside event you should decide on flowers that will carry on drawing water after the stem is cut which will make them last longer.

Ordering the flowers

When you are ordering the flowers, it is best to order them a few days prior to the event, so that they would be in full bloom on the day of the occasion. Furthermore, if you are running on a small budget, ordering local flowers which are in season will be less costly.

Deciding on a gift or hamper

Lastly, when deciding on a gift or hamper, you need t consider what the person or employee receiving it would most value and appreciate. For example wine enthusiast would of course prefer a wine and flower gift basket instead or a fruit and flower one.

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