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5 Tips For Going Green In Your Workplace

Your workplace looks like it’s taken a picture from the book of industrial revolution. The cramped desks and the dark blinds that makes the place feel like nighttime although its 7 in the morning. Nobody would be happy to work 6 hours a day in a place with no ventilation. It’s time that you start changing things around in your working place. Going green is the best option that you need to choose. Its sustainable, low maintenance and cost effective. It’s easy to put up the banner in your weekly bulletin boards to inform them that the office stations are going to be changed. But implementing it is another hard task. For all those who are comprehending to change your office to green, here’s a few tips.

Recycle and reuse

Start with the little things around the office. Yes, you would have kept a potted plant in your desk but that doesn’t mean you’re going green. Start with the biggest obstacle for your going green promotion. The millions of papers that go unused or wasted every minute in the office. In every meeting room, you find papers that are being scribbled and wasted. Say no to papers and buy recycled papers to print documents. Save papers by printing on both sides of the paper instead of one. There are printers that has the eco mode available.

Save electricity

Most of us tend to not switch off the computer while it’s not being used. If you won’t be using the computer, then switch it off until you use it the next time. Inform your colleagues to switch off the lights and fan if they are not is use. The more you keep it on, the less energy you’re saving. You’re service office in KL will have different individuals engaging in different projects, it’s important that you have the motive to save energy and the environment around although you may not be from the same organization.

Use green products

Check if your office fridge has a CFC label on it. This way you can reduce your carbon footprint on earth. From the smallest items to the printers and other products, it’s important that you boycott any items that would make you get carried away from your goal that is to keep your working place green.

Have a goal

Encourage your workers to be environmental friendly. It starts from every little station in the work place. Motivate them to not abuse paper and plant a pot in each desks. Make your employees feel obliged towards the environment.

Taking care of the environment is important and it’s the right of each and every human. The more trees are being destroyed to make paper, the less trees you will have around you to give you shade from the sun. Go green in your office and help save the environment.

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